Future of Ticketing

Delivering a more engaging, transparent, memorable, and secure attendee experience

Capitalizing on the holistic event experience

The future of ticketing is delivering a better user experience; one that increases customer satisfaction, strengthens partner relationships, as well as allows for additional mechanisms for monetization.

There exists an opportunity to deliver tickets as tokens, non-fungible tokens; an opportunity advantageously timed to evolve the era of digital ticketing beyond transactional barcodes on PDF attachments into more secure and more engaging digital consumer assets.

While the benefits of leveraging a blockchain in event ticketing have started to be adopted throughout the industry, the emerging (consumer) popularity of NFTs, non-fungible tokens, has opened the possibilities to allowing the ticket itself to be a part of the consumer experience with increased benefits:

Before, During, & After a ticketed event are all critical and opportunistic moments in which their exists the potential to further leverage (and monetize) attendee engagement.

Digital-first Ticketing

One of the greatest consumer value propositions from the use of NFTs exist when the token can be complimented with a tangible asset; making the event industry one of the most ideal use-cases for the emerging technology. The future of event tickets delivered as non-fungible tokens allow the ticket holder an ingress mechanism to an event’s venue, but also now a transferable asset that can be leveraged for resale on the secondary market as well as digital memorabilia, giving the “ticket” value even years after the event has concluded.

A digital ticket on a distributed ledger also opens up the possibility of making the ticketed asset more open, sharable, and social — transforming a ticket into an engagement utility with built-in network and flywheel effects.

Full Transparency on Transactions

Event tickets as an NFT provide the inherent benefit of a transparent ledger of ownership; allowing the ticket owner to claim and display their ownership publicly as well as a utility for a more secure potential secondary resale transaction.

"Ownership" can now also expand out from a purely transactional utility to a social capability; paving the way for a new and exciting fan engagement features.

Fraud Prevention

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Secondary Market

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Fan Engagement

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Memorabilia Stubs

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Let's Build Something

What do you think is the future of ticketing? Please share your thoughts on what the future of event ticketing might look like and if there is an applicable role for NFTs in this future.

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